Trend Alert: Top 3 Meanest ‘Mean Girls’-Inspired Burn Book Videos on YouTube

We here at NewMediaRockstars like to believe that we are in the business of trend-spotting.  Really, we just love watching our predictions come true as we sit back in our comfy chairs of self-satisfaction, screaming “I TOLD YOU SO!” at everyone within earshot.  So, naturally, when we caught wind that a magnificent new trend was brewing in the YouTubesphere, we just knew we had to be the first to tell you all about it.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you THE YOUTUBE BURN BOOK.  Just like the Burn Book of “Mean Girls” film fame, these little beauties are chockfull of crazy gossip, wild rumors, and (obviously) loads and loads of hilarious burns — and all aimed at popular YouTubers.  Sound amazing? That’s because it is. We can totally see this becoming the next <ahref=”” target=”_blank”>Draw My Life, but b*tchier and more scrapbooking-intensive. Trust us, this thing is about to spread all through the interwebs like butter on a particularly hot piece of toast.

So, without further ado, here are our picks for TOP 3 BURN BOOK VIDEOS (so far):

Lucas and Jenny

Lucas and Jenny created the original YouTube Burn Book video. We guess that makes them the pioneers of the YouTube Burn Book. The two are  basically a super sassy version of Lewis and Clark.

Tyler Oakley

Kudos to Tyler for sticking so closely to the original “Mean Girls” Burn Book material … makes the zings at fellow YouTubers all the more funny. PLUS, he actually made an actual Burn Book! Boy is dedicated.

Shane Dawson

We’re pretty sure that Shane has come up with the rumor to end all rumors in this video. So if you ever find that you need something incredibly nasty to say about someone, just remember to call them a “cat in a dog suit” and you’ll come out on top every time.