Vine Clip Of Shovel Thrower Causes Mass Social Media Delight

Ahh, sweet shovel girl.

Because I happen to be a wretched troll of a man with no life, I saw this video in its entirety before it was yanked from YouTube, and let me assure you — neither girl is exactly an angel here. In fact, before she gets clocked, there was a pretty vicious little fistfight, and shovel girl (the one who gets hit) refused to leave the other girl’s property unless the cops were called.

Instead, vigilante-style street justice. Charles Bronson would be proud. And now the Vine clip is going ape-poopy.

But seriously, everyone in the video has that backwoods obnoxiousness to them that tells us there are no winners, only losers … then again, the thrower ended up getting a serious cache of Twitter followers off this — 141,000 and counting. I guess it depends how much you like social media really.

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