Viner Alx James Signs Production Deal With TV Reality Company

There’s something pretty savvy about grabbing up a Vine star, Alx James, to do a reality show — there’s also something risky about tapping the resources of someone who is creative in six second bursts.

Still, for Collins Avenue, a producer of reality television, their partnership with James seems like a smart risk. With almost five million subscribers, a cool catchphrase to his name (Waterbugs!) and a host of high profile Vine buddies, James is an odds-on favorite to develop something cool and sustainable.

“Once in a great while a uniquely talented and quick-witted individual like Alx comes along that instantly captures the public’s attention,” Collins Avenue President Jeff Collins said. “We believe his memorable character spoofs, distinctive voices and extraordinary ability to tell a compelling story with a beginning, middle and end in just six seconds will allow us to expand the bounds of reality television in innovative new ways.”

Maybe we’re edging towards a platform where entertainment is all only six seconds long.

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