Watch Out Keyboard Cat; Keyboard-Playing Otters Are New Viral Zoo Stars [VIDEO]

I bet you’d think we’d go the obvious route and make commentary about how Keyboard Cat has competition and all that, but nope. Instead we’re going the racist route and saying “Of course the animals that can play a musical instrument are Asian small-clawed otters.” But then, that’s not so much racism as it is strong parenting — commendable stuff.

These critters are now the star attraction at the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington D.C. and if you aren’t in love with these 11 otters and their cute curiosity, you’re going to love their names: Chowder, Clementine, Pork Chop, Pickles, Saffron, Olive, Peaches, Turnip, Radish, Rutabega, and … Kevin.

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