What The Twitch Acquisition Means For YouTubers and Twitch Gamers

If you’re a YouTuber, you’re probably thrilled with the impending Twitch purchase by YouTube for $1 billion. If you’re a Twitch user, your optimism is likely significantly less. But then, everybody tends to be down whenever a big corporate entity takes over a unique company.

Already the hashtag #RIPTwitch has been circulating, with Twitch gamers foreseeing a slew of corporate bullshit and headaches that bogged YouTubes gamers down earlier this year — particularly the copyright issues YouTube experienced. YouTube inadvertently isolated a lot of its core gaming group when they began shifting monetization around in the wake of copyright claims from music licensees. Now Twitch users are anticipating the same problems.

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YouTubers, on the other hand, see the benefit of getting a solid streaming platform that can boost their ability for smoother filming. YouTube got into the streaming game relatively late (last December) and an established platform like Twitch can enhance their credibility and talent with gaming and gamers.

This purchase — if it goes through, after all there are still many issues to sort out — won’t be all bad for Twitch enthusiasts though: YouTube and Google have the clout and financial power to rectify any technical problems that affect Twitch — basically Twitch is growing faster than it can sustain itself and it could really benefit from the support of Google-backed-YouTube.

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So for YouTubers and Twitch gamers alike, there is much to love about this deal. And remember, it isn’t as if Google’s purchase of YouTube made that site any worse. If anything YouTube has gotten better.

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