YouTube Adds New Feature To Polish Up Your Videos … Find Out What Inside!

Damn, we need our own special theme song to play whenever Google releases a kickass new feature for YouTube …

Google, in its infinite wisdom has deigned to give us plebeians and creators a three second intro option for YouTube videos. I’m thinking the technique is going to be used to tease people into sticking around through the advertising instead of bailing out, but the endgame remains to be seen.

How do you use this lofty new tool you ask? According to the YouTube creator blog, it’s easy:

1. Upload the three-second intro video you’d like to use to your channel as an unlisted video.
2. On your channel’s InVideo Programming page, click “Add a channel branding intro” and select the intro from a list of eligible videos.
3. Select which videos you want the intro to appear on. You can choose whether to add it to all of your videos, or just the ones you’ve uploaded after a certain date. You can always remove or change the intro later.

Screen shot 2014-05-01 at 6.29.35 PMOf course don’t go thinking you can whore your channel with some quickie ads or branded promotions — nope, Google thought of that already. According to their blog on the matter, no advertising.

Hope this makes all your hopes and dreams for a better YouTube come true.

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