YouTube Celebrates Its 9th Birthday With A Cameo-Filled Karaoke Jam [VIDEO]

Yup, this seems about right …

An awesome karaoke party is the perfect way to celebrate a 9th birthday — that or one of those sweet parties where some rich kid’s mom rents out an entire arcade for two hours on a Saturday morning.

And as far as karaoke parties go, this one is pretty rockin’. YouTube decided to focus on its music trends for the big number nine and so they brought along some of their most musical friends to help celebrate some of YouTube’s biggest trend songs. From Cimorelli doing the “Cup Song” to Steve Kardynal’s earnest “Call Me, Maybe” to Chester See dropping Tay Zonday’s “Chocolate Rain,” the many faces and songs of YouTube were represented by some of the most energetic and musically inclined YouTubers on this side of the pond.

And yes, “Gangnam Style” was there. It brought a Stretch Armstrong as a gift.

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