YouTube To Add Crowdfunding Capability, Enhanced Mobile Management And Much, Much More [VIDEO]

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It turns out that, like the almighty Cthulhu, YouTube with its music service and new Google+ integration was only just beginning to flap its wings.

Now, amongst many, many other developments, they are adding an ability to crowdfund directly from YouTube. Not to mix in too many similes and metaphors, but they are straight up a digital Charles Whitman, apparently trying to pick off any company around them.

Dropping a Creator Preview video on us, the Google-owned company has an impressive array of new innovations and ideas for the site including the aforementioned ability to crowdfund projects directly on YouTube (with YouTube taking their own healthy cut, I’m sure) as well as the ability to have videos subtitled into 60+ languages and do more site management from mobile devices.

The video, which almost comes off as recorded mea culpa, begins with Matt Glotzbach, project manager for YouTube, sort of apologizing for YouTube not being even better than it is. He then connects us with his team as they each provide a snippet on some new forthcoming aspect of YouTube.

There’s good stuff in the works. Of course, that good stuff could be bad news for the likes of Spotify, Indiegogo, Kickstarter, MCNs, and pretty much anybody who does anything. Hell, I’m expecting them to launch a snarky industry space magazine that puts NMR out of business.

Ready for another metaphor? It’s a dog eat dog world and YouTube is Cerberus.

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