4 Reasons Taylor Swift Owns Instagram

Social media can be a tough needle for celebrities to thread. With millions of followers and thousands of @ replies coming in daily from fans looking for a little bit of attention, the whole enterprise must seem overwhelming. That’s probably why so many celebrities maintain managed, aloof — and let’s face it — boring, social media presences. For every Rihanna shamelessly tweeting her mind, there are dozens of Kim Kardashians handing off their accounts to social media interns who dutifully crank out bland inspirational quotes and product promotions day after day.

That’s not the case for Taylor Swift, the pop-country starlet has been on a months long Instagram commenting spree. She’s checking in on her die hard fan’s best ‘grams and she is absolutely KILLING IT.


1. She remembers her past gigs as fondly as her fans do!


2.  She knows her fans lean on her for support and she wants to show that she’s got their backs!


3.She’s got a sense of humor! Here, she responds to a fan-posted paparazzi photo


4. She struggles with autocorrect! (Stars! They’re just like us!)


For many fans the whole point of social media is the ability to reach out personally to a favorite artist in a more intimate way. Taking the time to reach back with positive and personal comments (complete with the occasional typo) makes a mega star like Swift seem accessible and personally invested in her fans. It also gives Swifties a good reason to keep tweeting, taking and Instagramming social savvy chanteuse.

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