4 Ways To Stream World Cup Action Online [Legally, Of Course]

Soccer, European football, fütbol, however you say it, is spreading across the digital slipstream like an STD at a frat house. More than ever, the collected peoples of the globalized electronic landscape are evolving World Cup soccer action into a viewing phenomenon. The ratings for the 2014 World Cup games thus far has been enormous.

According to AL.com: “Univision, which is broadcasting the World Cup in Spanish on its Univision and UniMas broadcast networks and Univision Deportes and Galavision cable networks, drew an audience of 4.8 million total viewers, making it the most-watched World Cup game featuring a U.S. team ever broadcast on its airwaves.” And ESPN drew similar numbers. But what the ratings services haven’t taken into account is how many people have taken to watching the games online. After all, who watches TV anymore?

The real question though is how do you watch the World Cup online? Fortunately, this is one of those articles that solves that quandary for you (and even waives our normal $6.95 processing fee). Here are some of the best LEGAL-ISH methods:

1. Univision

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The ultimate fans of fütbol have the ultimate stream for watching free fütbol. Go to their website (here) to see all the games broadcast online. Also available are apps for iTunes and Android platforms if you’re more of a mobile user. The best part? The games are only broadcast in Spanish so you get that total “GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAL!” experience.

2. First Row Sports

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The destination of choice for many (including this humble yet handsome reporter), First Row Sports broadcasts the videos in English but you have to put up with spam, malware and all the craziness of their obnoxious advertising pop-ups (unless you utilize one of those pop-up blockers, of course). Still, you get good feeds and you can actually understand what the announcers are yelling about.

3. BBC

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The BBC has a stream available, but it is blocked to us yanks. Nobody is saying break the law here, but if you check out a downloadable app like Hola (mentioned in our Netflix hacking article), you can, let’s say, bypass that block. Wink wink, nudge nudge.

4. Watch ESPN


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This is ESPN’s app for watching sports — namely, the World Cup action — but the kicker is you need a cable TV subscription already to tune in. Or, more likely, you need someone with a cable TV subscription to give you their password. That’s how scofflaws who want to go to soccer jail would do it, at least. Red card!

Good luck with any method you choose. And if you get caught, we never heard of you.

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