5 Amazing YouTube Vids To Get You Psyched For World Cup Soccer

You could feel a palpable change in the emotional resonance four years ago when World Cup soccer (Un-American football) played out in South Africa (remember the magic of vuvuzelas?). Americans began to care about what the rest of the world was doing — it was a pleasant feeling. Now, it’s official: Americans love soccer. America is the number two purchaser of tickets behind host country Brazil and there is a buzz of excitement in the Land of Milk and Honey as World Cup action draws near. If it hasn’t affected you yet, it will. Here are five videos that should get you psyched for World Cup Soccer 2014.

It all begins this week. Go America.

5. Nike Makes A Pixar-Style Short

It lacks the good patter and heart of an actual Pixar short — but it’s still worth checking out … even if you don’t get the in-jokes (I didn’t, but we are still learning).

4. Brazilian Gang Fires Machine Guns Off At Soccer Match

I think this video plays well because it showcases just how dangerous a spot was picked for World Cup 2014. ANYTHING could happen in this country known for crime, slums and kidnappings. Jesus …

3. Top Goals of 2013

Here are the game’s best players making the game’s best shots — just a taste of what Brazil will have in store for us.

2. Old Man Is Really Freestyle Soccer Superstar In Disguise …

This video sort of sends a weird message about the relevance of old people: they still matter — as long as they are actually young people in disguise.

1. Remi Gaillard — YouTube Pranker Pulls Off Badass Trick Soccer Shots

Who the hell knew the YouTube prankster icon had this skill set tucked away? Incredible and awesome. I guess he has plenty of time to practice when he isn’t getting arrested.

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