5 YouTubers Who Would Be Perfectly Cast In ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ [And Who They Would Play]

Flula and the Pentatonix apparently have a mutual friend in the Hollywood business: both the German DJ and the a capella group have been tapped for parts in the upcoming sequel to the cult hit “Pitch Perfect.” They aren’t the first YouTubers to appear in a “Pitch Perfect” installment either — Adam DeVine, he of the “Workaholics” squad, was the leader of “the bad guys” in the original. He was great in his role and so casting Flula and Pentatonix seems a smart move for Hollywood. But these aren’t the only YouTubers who would be perfect for the movie that is part girlie love story, part raunch comedy and part musical doo wop theatre.

Because we like to play the “what if” game here at NMR, here are five YouTubers who would be a perfect fit for “Pitch Perfect 2” and what parts they’d play. Feel free to disagree; we will just acca-hate you for acca-ever.

5. The Roommate(s): Epic Meal Time

Beca’s (Anna Kendrick) roommate hated her. So Beca needs a new roommate. Who from YouTube would you most want as a roommate? Someone laid back, fun, always up for an adventure and of course someone who wouldn’t be a total slob. Also, they’ve got to be able to cook. Did you pick the Epic Meal Time guys? Who could possibly be more fun as roommates than these bros who live for the kitchen? They could sit around dishing about Beca’s love problems while they create a new boyfriend for her out of bacon.

4. The New/Old Best Friend: Tiffany Alvord

Every sequel seems to bring back some “never previously talked about” best friend. “Pitch Perfect 2” should be no exception. Who would be cool enough to hang out with Beca back home in her pre-college days only to show up now and cause all sorts of trouble? Yeah, we said Tiffany Alvord too.

3. The Villain: Madilyn Bailey

We’re going against type here. We think Madilyn Bailey is one of the sweetest people on and off YouTube so we would love to see her get her “Denzel in ‘Training Day’” on and play not just a mean girl, but the ULTIMATE MEAN GIRL.

2. The Love Interest: Peter Hollens

Handsome, great voice, charismatic, an a capella star and he possesses that sweetheart characteristic that will make the targeted demographic for this movie go bananas. Of course Beca already has a love interest, but when do you ever see the soulmate from the first movie live through the sequel? That other guy is as good as dead.

1. The Up & Comer: Mary Kate Wiles

Now we’re talking trilogy. And to do a trilogy, you need a new lead character — someone who gets introduced in the sequel and is primed to become the head of the group. Might we suggest Mary Kate Wiles — she of the hit “Pride and Prejudice” YouTube adaptation The Lizzie Bennett Diaries. Not only is she an awesome actress, but she sings (and plays guitar).

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