‘All By Myself’ At Airport Goes Viral … And Yet, Earlier, Similar Video Is Ignored — Why?

Here at NMR we strive to hit a few demographics — casual fans of new media AND innovators. So in addition to offering fluff, we also occasionally offer some analysis and game theory because we believe it can (or at least might) help you make better, more viral videos. Don’t thank us — just buy some of our cookies when we come selling them during Girl Scout season. We’ve got badges to earn, dammit.

So the latest viral video making the rounds is actually from Vimeo (hey … good work, Vimeo!). It is Richard Dunn, alone in an airport lip-syncing to “All By Myself.” It’s cute because it captures the loneliness we all feel as we head into that airport terminal to fly out alone with a bunch of other strangers. Or in Richard’s case, being stuck in an airport, waiting for a flight that is hours away.

The video is now making the major viral rounds, being featured on morning talk shows as their “We’re hip” viral clip of the day. Everybody is celebrating the wisdom of this man for applying this sad song to this lonely situation.

But here is another video, filmed a year ago, from G Duco which only has 172 views … and yet, is the same sad song by a lonely young man at the airport. In fact, it could be argued that this version is more devastating because he isn’t lip syncing the song. He looks genuinely rocked by the gravity of whatever his situation is. But is that the difference between coverage on “Good Morning, America” and 172 lousy views?

What about the chronologically latter movie stirred the zeitgeist into adopting it? Is it cinematography? Is it race? Is it the identifiable likeability of a chubby guy being goofy? I don’t pretend to know — if I did, believe me, I’d be stealing all your Adsense revenue with my own viral videos. Maybe some of you have an idea — after all, you’re the experts. Why do you think the one video worked while the other didn’t?

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