‘Almost Royal Goes To YouTube’: BBC America Invades Grace Helbig & Others To Talk ‘Merica

I used to hate it when British people made fun of us Americans (whooo, flamethrowers!), but then I remembered that we kicked their ass in the Revolutionary War and bailed them out in every conflict since. Hehehe, U.S.A., U.S.A..

Seriously though, there is something quite delightful about listening to these two proper nonces spackle vitriol all over some of YouTube’s biggest stars. From Flula to Grace Helbig, My Drunk Kitchen and Chester See, YouTuber after YouTuber gets subjected to the droll commentary of Poppy and Georgie, two British aristocrats who’ve decided to pop over and visit the YouTube Space in L.A. on behalf of the BBC America channel.

The web series “Almost Royal Goes To YouTube” is in support of BBC America’s TV show, “Almost Royal” which sends the two “siblings” (real life British comedians Ed Gamble and Amy Hoggart) to America for some indoctrination in western culture. Dry wit ensues.

/Definitely check it out on YouTube — now that I have, I’ll be popping over to BBC America to see what misadventures the Brits get into stateside.

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