Awkward Kids Make Drunk Moms The Stars Of VidCon 2014 [VIDEO]

The beauty of being NewMediaRockstars? We know a whole lot of drunk moms. Don’t ask us how, don’t ask us why, but, kids, your moms like what we got. And so we make it work for us occasionally by making them work for us. Yeah, we turned your mom out.

Letting the Awkward Kids, a dynamite comedy group of foxy vixens in funny outfits, out of the cage as drunk moms, NMR was able to hit VidCon 2014 incognito-style and harass the masses. Didn’t recognize ‘em? Exactly — that’s the game. And guess what? We’ve got ‘em rolling out all weekend causing hell. But good luck finding them as drunk moms — the Awkward Kids have moved past that and into a whole new disguise. You won’t know you got f**ked with until you see your face on our channel. WHA-BAM!

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