Big Frame Spurned? AwesomenessTV’s JennXPenn Signs With Fullscreen Talent Management

YouTube star Jenn McCallister, better known as JennXPenn, has announced a talent management deal with Fullscreen. McCallister, currently a member of the AwesomenessTV network, will now receive talent management services from rival network Fullscreen’s talent management division. Fullscreen promises to help Jenn build a business strategy that will include licensing deals, hosting opportunities in television and film, appearances at live and digital events, and expanding her presence outside of YouTube.

The deal is described as “network-agnostic,” meaning that the JennXPenn YouTube channel will remain a part of the AwesomenessTV network for the time being, but McCallister will rely on Fullscreen to build her brand and secure opportunities beyond YouTube. A press release indicates that this first-of-its-kind deal with a non-Fullscreen partner “underscores the company’s commitment to empowering the next generation of artists and creators.”

McCallister’s YouTube channel currently boasts nearly 1.2 million subscribers. In the past she has toured with musician Tyler Ward and worked with Defy Media’s The deal likely comes as an unpleasant surprise to Jenn’s home network, AwesomenessTV, which recently spent $15 million to acquire the talent management skills of Sarah Penna’s Big Frame network. It’s also a big show of confidence in Fullscreen’s talent division. Headed by Larry Shapiro, formerly of the Creative Artists Agency (CAA), Fullscreen and other MCNs are increasingly in competition with top Hollywood talent managers to secure native YouTube creators as clients.

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