Blinding Us With Science: Vsauce Drops Knowledge Bombs on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

We at NMR are always pumped to see one of YouTube’s stars getting a share of the TV limelight. Naturally, we were stoked last night when we turned on Jimmy Kimmel and saw none other than Vsauce front man and YouTube nerd impresario Michael Stevens occupying the “Live” couch.

Stevens brought his trademark wit and extensive scientific acumen to the Kimmel set. While Stevens dropped facts about the deepest hole on Earth, Jimmy Kimmel took up the straight man role by playing clueless for laughs. The Vsauce star earned his biggest chuckles with a wry observation about the amount of celebrity skin cells Kimmel’s couch must have absorbed over the years.

The Vsauce channel has over 7 million subscribers and has racked up well over 600 million views, making it the most popular science and education channel on YouTube ( and 37th most subscribed overall). With such overwhelming popularity, it shouldn’t be a surprise to see Michael Stevens on late night TV, but mainstream media has been slow to embrace YouTubers the way they do traditional celebrities.

Case in point: an average Vsauce video can draw between 5 and 10 million views.  That’s roughly the same as the most popular clips on the official Jimmy Kimmel Live YouTube channel. With YouTube’s top content creators delivering views on par with mainstream television, it seems likely we’ll be seeing a lot more YouTuber’s on the small (or is it medium now?) screen in the very near future.

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