Check Out the Lineup For VidCon 2014’s Best Panel …


Breaking news this fine Tuesday morning (is it Tuesday? Jeff chugs another Bloody Mary) as we are lining up for VidCon 2014: a super panel has been constructed that will help shed some light on the future of YouTube. No, I am not talking about the panel I am moderating on pranking — though that should be excellent. No, I speak of Maker Studio head Ynon Kriez, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki and Dreamworks boss Jeffrey Katzenberg getting together to discuss online video, branding and the possibilities that will emerge for creators in the coming decade. These are the policy movers and shakers who steer this industry — all coming together to let us know what they are thinking. And it will be moderated by VidCon co-founder Hank Green, so if you haven’t already secured your VidCon ticket, this might be that final incentive.

That VidCon was able to attract some of the top players in the game speaks incredibly well for the legitimacy of VidCon and its perception in the business world.

Also, the panel will be extra interesting because Katzenberg once got ousted by Disney — the same company who now owns Maker Studios. Ooh, meow, cat fight? We’ll find out.


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