Dating App Tinder Adds Snapchat Functionality With Ephemeral Photo Option ‘Moments’

Tinder is the hottest new buzzword on the block. Not only has the app become the de rigueur dating hub for mobile jetsetters, now boasting over 2 billion matches (hmm), but they’ve added a temporary photo option to the app. Going after that Snapchat idea like everyone else on the tech block, Tindr seeks to increase “dating compatibility” by allowing for viewing of temporary photos uploaded by your potential matches.

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The examples they give have guys and girls showing off their artistic sides — allowing for greater compatibility potential — but come the f**k on. Tinder is just adding a sexting component and everyone knows it. Hell, Snapchat knows their functionality is only for sexting — that’s why everyone wants what they’ve got. You’d think someone would have the stones — particularly Tinder who has a reputation for being a little more edgy and for superficial people — to just call their product Sexter. Instead, they’ve opted to call it the considerably more genteel Moments.

Tinder’s dating app functions by allowing users to swipe right or left on a series of presented photos — if you like the person’s appearance, you swipe right. If you don’t, you swipe them into the trash pile. If they swipe right on your photo as well, you’re able to connect with them to set up something less superficial. Jesus, I sound like a b*tchy fat person.

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We’ll see how Moments works in conjunction with the current format — I’m betting the amount of “accidentally leaked” nude selfies goes up … way up.

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