Don’t Get Scammed: 5 Lists From YouTubers To Help You Rule This Year’s VidCon 2014

The Anaheim Convention Center this year is going to be swarming with YouTubers and vendors and also a few scam artists. Come equipped for a good time, but also know that you’ll need a few extra handy items to make the most of your experience. When I say scam artists, know that I am talking about people charging too much for food, water or basic handy items that you might not otherwise remember. Let your fellow YouTubers steer you through the minefield that is this year’s biggest YouTube event.

5. Top 5 Reasons To Go To VidCon 2014

4. Meeting YouTubers At This Year’s VidCon

3. Useful Tips While At VidCon

2. VlogBrothers Explain Their Creation … VidCon

1. How To Survive VidCon 2014

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