European MCN Zoomin.TV Sets Up Shop in the US

Zoomin.TV is not a familiar name in the United States, but the Amsterdam-based MCN is looking to change that, and soon. Despite its stealth status, the European content network draws roughly 25 percent of its views from the United States. That’s not a small market share considering that Zoomin is ranked by SocialBlade as the No. 14 largest MCN in the world by subscribers.


Zoomin announced on Tuesday that in light of its increasing US viewership and the strength of the American digital video market, the only logical choice would be to establish a stateside presence. Zoomin has well over 1000 distribution partners throughout Europe and the network aims to create just as many partnerships in the US.

Many American MCNs have complained that YouTube’s current revenue sharing model, in which content providers receive 45 percent of the ad revenue generated with YouTube pocketing the difference, is unreasonably restrictive. Zoomin, however, is content with the current arrangement. CEO Jan Riemens told Streamdaily that eight years in the industry have taught Zoomin that the cost of hosting streaming content yourself is a marginally harder swallow than giving YouTube its requested share.

Zoomin’s content runs the gamut from sports and entertainment to news and gaming, all delivered in an array of global languages. The company has already opened an office in Miami which will primary service its growing Hispanic audience. A second office in New York is expected in September with more to come.

With US-based MCNs being snapped up by large media conglomerates left and right, it’s interesting to see one of Europe’s biggest players entering the American market. Does Zoomin have the key to MCN sustainability that has thus far eluded its stateside counterparts?

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