Felicia Day Teams Up With ‘X-Men’ Director Bryan Singer to Get You ‘Spooked’

If you’re like us, you’ve probably been waiting for “Ghostbusters 3” since approximately 1989. While the dream will never truly die, it’s nice to know that Felicia Day has our backs. YouTube’s geek queen and, creator of beloved web series “The Guild,” has teamed up with currently embattled “X-Men” director Bryan Singer to create “Spooked,” a paranormal comedy in the spirit of “Ghostbusters,” but with lots of nerdy bonuses.

The half hour show features a team of paranormal investigators and spoofs multiple genres, poking fun at horror movies, alien invasion flicks, and the recently popular strain of “ghost hunter” reality shows. The lighthearted comedy follows a group of low budget ghost hunters known as the Paranormal Investigation Team or, more evocatively, “the P.I.T.s.” The group functions more like paranormal exterminators called in to investigate hauntings that are more annoying than apocalyptic.

Like most of Felicia Day’s projects, the show is packed with in-jokes for hardcore fans of nerd media and some sharp dialogue in the mode of Joss Whedon. It also features a few very Whedon-y guest stars, including “Buffy’s” Tom Lenk, and Diachen Lachman, better known as Sierra from Whedon’s short-lived “Dollhouse.

The first four episodes are currently streaming on Hulu and on Felicia’s Geek and Sundry YouTube channel. Right now the show is a four episode mini-series, but Day and the producers have indicated that fan response will determine whether there’s more “Spooked” in the future.

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