Freddie Wong & Matt Arnold Bring Their A Game To Conan O’Brien With VGHS: Final Season Preview

Remember when YouTube was some random thing that kids did for fun in their free time? Yeah, those days are done. YouTube is full-blown Hollywood now and there’s no clearer indication than the biggest stars of the YouTube-iverse popping up to promote their wares on late night shows. Recently, Vsauce popped up on Kimmel and now the RocketJump crew has classed up “Conan” on TBS. Freddie Wong and Matt Arnold unveiled a sneak peek of the final season of “Video Game High School” to a crowd of audience members who might have been like, “Who the hell are these two guys and what the hell is ‘Video Game High School’?” Doesn’t matter — YouTubers are coming up. Pretty soon we’ll see Meghan Tonjes saving the the world from an alien invasion in “Independence Day 3.”

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