Grumpy Cat To Save Christmas With Forthcoming Lifetime Movie

A year ago we reported that Grumpy Cat had scored a movie deal. And now some of the details surrounding that news are starting to get shaded in. And while it’s a little less spectacular than, say, headlining a big-budget superhero movie, it’s still … well, it’s … it’s … Grumpy Cat is headed to Lifetime.

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Yes, the hub of battered women becoming empowered is now home to the internet’s favorite feline, for better or worse. With an upcoming Christmas movie that revolves around Grumpy Cat being the last kitty picked in the pet shop and a 12-year-old girl who connects with her, Grumpy (real name: Tarder Sauce — I love that people buy the explanation that this is an innocent name and not slang for “retard”) is poised to own the Yuletide season.

I fully expect this TV movie to be a hit, no matter what channel airs it. While the search for Grumpy Cat’s voice is still underway, expect to see several cameos from other memes pop up throughout.

Sigh, Lifetime. Hopefully Grumpy Cat doesn’t have to deal with becoming empowered after running up against an owner who only feeds her dry food or something.

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