Hank Green Posts Epic Nostalgia Fest Video on the Eve of VidCon

Hank Green must be angling for a spot in online video heaven. Despite being extremely busy on the eve of VidCon, the massive online video conference that he founded and runs, the patron saint of YouTubers found time to put out a video highlighting the pre-YouTube history of online video. Green rolls through everything from the “Oogachaka Baby,” an email meme so popular it found its way into a recurring role on TV’s “Ally McBeal,” to “The Show with Ze Frank,” the weekly online video show that is the basis for pretty much every vlog you’ve ever seen.

For those of you who think online video began with Jack Harries’ first cheeky hair flip, Hank also recalls early internet classics like “All Your Base Are Belong to Us” and correctly identifies early 2000s flash animation site Homestar Runner as “the best online video project in history.” The video is four minutes of pure nostalgic gold that will get you pumped up for VidCon and maybe give our current era of YouTube mania a bit of historic context.

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