%Instagram Photos — Meet the Newest ‘Hashtag’ Social Media Symbol (And Find Out How To Use It Here)


As far as videos go, this one might be the “Little Engine That Could.” When I saw it yesterday, it had 74,000 views or so. I checked in on it today and it’s up to 124,000+. So now that it’s catching steam, I figured it would be the perfect time to sell you on what is a very lovely idea, particularly in the wake of the hashflags reveal.

Meet the “F**kyer.” Designated by the percent sign (%), this little symbol connotates what you really feel whenever someone posts obnoxious bullshit on social media. By responding to that picture of someone’s boring-ass lunch with a % sign, you are taking the classy person’s route of saying, “Shut the f**k up, you mook asshole.”

It’s a handy little symbol — I think it can go far in this world.

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