International YouTuber ElRubiusOMG Gets The Spotlight Treatment After Joining Divimove [INTERVIEW]

One of my big YouTube addictions is subscribing to channels that I can’t understand a single word of, but LOVE the funny imagery on. ElRubiusOMG, a massively popular Spanish YouTuber, fits that bill to a “T” as his funny, mesmerizing videos transcend language barriers to become accessible to all. I don’t speak a lick of Spanish (I even pronounce “taco” like one of those midwestern white ladies — tah-coh), but El Rubius and his gift for energetic mannerisms and madcap antics have made fans of both me and German MCN Divimove — who just signed the YouTuber to their roster.

Fortunately for everyone, ElRubiusOMG has a grip on the English language and was more than game to answer some questions about his channel, his decision to join Divimove and life without YouTube. Check him out and subscribe — comedy and gaming are international languages.

Why the decision to go with Divimove? Did they offer something for you that other MCNs couldn’t?

This is the first network I “feel” I can trust. They are really transparent, and you can count on them for almost everything you could imagine (YouTube issues, business issues, etc). So if you combine both of the mentioned stuff, you get a really good deal and feel “safe”. Also, Germans are nice people.

How did you come up with the name elribiusOMG?

“Elrubius” originated from my name, Ruben, and “Rubio”, which means blonde in Spanish (my hair was blonde when I was younger).

What is the best video game of all time?

“Pokemon Red”!

Is gaming an international “language”? Do you have fans all over the world or are they predominantly from Europe?

It is. My audience is mainly Spanish-speaking people (from Spain, Argentina, Mexico, etc.) but when I travel around other countries, some recognize me and say stuff like, “Hey! You are the Spanish YouTuber, right? I watch your videos because I’m learning Spanish!” But that has happened just a few times. I think my main audience will always be the Spanish-talking people because that’s the language I use on my videos, and because my jokes and the way I make them are really focused for the Spanish people. If I were a professional “League of Legends” player for example, there would be no “boundaries” to what people I could reach.

If you weren’t a professional YouTuber, what job do you think you’d be working?

Something related with design and video games. Before I began taking YouTube as a job, I studied 3D animation and design, where I learned most of what I know today about editing and stuff related to my actual work.

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