John Green’s ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ Film Banks $8.2 Million In One Night

John Green, one half of YouTube’s Vlog Bros., is pretty much the digital equivalent of King Midas at this point. As VidCon draws near (which he cofounded), his record label DFTBA Records is doing well (minus a few hiccups) and now he has a hit movie on his hands.

The film version of his book, “The Fault In Our Stars,” about two kids with cancer falling in love just grossed $8.2 million at the late night Thursday screenings — putting the little film which cost $12 million in range to gross more than $35 million this weekend. Of course, 20th Century Fox, who produced the film, is tempering their expectations to the mid $20 million range, but any way you cut it, John Green is a bonafide Hollywood and YouTube AND literary star.

Naturally, with more YouTubers turning to writing books, this opens the door wide for more success of this nature — John Green is a pretty hard act to follow though.

Good luck on the rest of the weekend, John, not that you’ll need it.

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