‘Jurassic Park’ With Dogs Proves The Internet Is Still Rad [Video]

Isn’t “Jurassic Park” the best? Even after 20 years there’s still something magical about an island full of CGI dinosaurs terrorizing Jeff Goldblum. What could be better than that? “Nothing,” you say? Wrong! You are so wrong! Once again, the internet has found a way to improve on perfection. A YouTube user with the absolutely PERFECT name AlienUFOsAreReal has uploaded a 15-second clip that replaces the brontosaurus from this classic scene …

… with a bulldog.

The only thing standing between this clip and complete video nirvana is that it is titled “Wally Jurassic Park” and not, as one flawless commenter suggested, “Jurassic Bark.” Despite this lapse in judgement, the video is still 15 seconds of pure bliss.

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