Justin Bieber Enters ‘Racial Slurs Outrage’ Portion Of His Career — Did TMZ ‘Blackmail’ Him?

Copping a parody from his song “One Less Lonely Girl,” Justin Bieber sings a pretty embarrassing and racist song about killing black people. Except he doesn’t call them black people — he calls them that other word (you know which one, don’t act innocent).

The video, which is quickly making the media rounds, is especially negative for the pop superstar considering he’s fresh off an apology for another racially-tinged video that was exposed recently.

The clips, both made when he was much younger, were allegedly sat on for years by TMZ as a tactic to make Justin participate in TMZ-sponsored publicity campaigns, which if it is true — makes TMZ look like the real bad guy in all of this. Still, considering that Justin was brought up from YouTube by black musician Usher … you’d think a little more cultural sensitivity would exist. Then again, kids are stupid.

I guess Bieber will never own an NBA team now.

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