Meet Katharine — The Great White Shark That Is Taking Twitter, Facebook & YouTube in Her Jaws

It’s no secret that cats and goats are the beloved animals most likely to be the focus of the internet’s tempestuous love affairs. But a new animal has crept into the arena — one that would love nothing more than to gobble up several cats and a few goats. Katharine, a 14-foot-long Great White Shark has found herself as the hottest trend on the collected interweb these days. Starring on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, the shark even has a website dedicated to letting you follow her every move. Good luck checking it out though — the research team in charge of the site can’t add enough servers to keep up with the curiosity of web travellers. More often than not, the site finds itself in the enviable position of being crashed from an influx of web traffic.

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 3.14.01 PM

Named after Katharine Lee Bates, writer of “America, The Beautiful,” this majestic eating machine has been the subject of a research project by sea lab Oceach. After putting a tracker on her last August, the scientific team has maintained a website on her movements as she’s made her way around the southern tip of Florida and into the Gulf waters towards Louisiana — an event that made headlines. Now she might be heading to Texas.

The Ocearch team is pleasantly baffled by the public’s attention to their shark — especially the first person parody Twitter account with over 11,600 followers that put out a post calling Leonardo DiCaprio “dreamy” for donating $7 million to save the oceans.

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And to think, it’s not even Shark Week yet.

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