Need A Digital Babysitter? Dreamworks TV Is Now a Family-Friendly YouTube Reality

As more and more YouTube properties are making the leap to television, some entertainment properties are actually making the leap to YouTube. Dreamworks TV can now be counted in that list (hell, as far as provenance goes, they ARE the list). With a channel lineup that includes Puss in Boots, Gorillaville and Record Setter Kids, Dreamworks is fully charging after the kids demographic and bringing their 800-pound animated gorilla out to play.

Bringing out original shows as well as existing content from the likes of “Shrek” and “Kung Fu Panda,” Dreamworks TV should have a lock on engaging young eyes in the digital space.

“DreamWorksTV is committed to delivering original content, from scripted live-action series based on great characters like Richie Rich, to fresh new animated characters like Jimmy Blue Shorts to vlogs and other short-form content featuring the much beloved Shrek, Po and Puss in Boots,” said AwesomenessTV founder Brian Robbins, who will spearhead the Dreamworks YouTube effort. “We are combining the DreamWorks brand with lessons learned from AwesomenessTV to create content that will be embraced by families everywhere.”

The big media companies are making the transition to digital content at an increasing pace. Hopefully their presence will inspire some of the YouTubers wanting to ebb into television to stick around a while?

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