Ooh Busted … YouTube To Be Taken Before European Commission For ‘Bullying’ Indie Music

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Well, IMPALA, the independent music coalition recently threatened to take YouTube before the European Commission for “bully” tactics — now they’ve gone and done it. A joint complaint from several smaller labels, the coalition put out a statement that read:

IMPALA, the European independents association, will be spearheading a complaint with the EC. The complaint will include a request for urgent intervention to stop YouTube carrying out any blocking measures or issuing new threats. Regulatory action is seen as an essential safeguard against abusive conduct and to promote real competition and diversity in the digital music market.

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“YouTube is behaving like a dinosaur, attempting to censor what it doesn’t like,” said Helen Smith, executive chairwoman of IMPALA. Hmm, actually I don’t think the dinosaurs ever attempted censorship … no, I’m mostly sure they didn’t. This might be the worst simile on record.

Okay, in case you weren’t clear on the story: small European record labels are taking action against YouTube for trying to force them into unfair deals. YouTube, naturally, doesn’t comment on ongoing legal stuff … let’s move on.

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