Please, Let This Be Fake — ‘My Heart Will Go On’ Cover Is Worst Thing Since Last Worst Thing Ever [VIDEO]

I’ve never seen so many people hope that a video is fake.

While it isn’t as bad as, say, televised beheadings in the Middle East, the outcry of people who can’t accept that something this terrible can exist is staggering. Real or not, this is the kind of shit that will be used to torture future terrorists so that they might spill the goods. This Eastern European girl using the lyrics of that Celine Dion “Titanic” song to express her deep love for some wuss is not just “ordinary bad.” It’s worse than the lyrics for the song “Friday.”

The whole language barrier thing isn’t even an effective excuse because the visuals are just as awful as the singing. If this is a joke, this is master level trolling.

Share this video only with those people who have wronged you in life.

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