Production On ‘Looking for Alaska’ Gets Underway, John Green Announces Director

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that after the phenomenal success of “The Fault In Our Stars” Hollywood is already looking to bring another John Green novel to the big screen. Next up is Green’s coming of age novel “Looking for Alaska,” which appears to have found itself a director. Last night, Green tweeted, “So excited to announce that the brilliant filmmaker Sarah Polley will be writing and directing a film adaptation of “Looking for Alaska.”

Following the footsteps of Green’s bestselling “The Fault In Our Stars,” “Looking For Alaska” is a story about teenage love and loss. Polley, whose directing credits include critical successes like “Away From Her,” “Take This Waltz” and “Stories We Tell,” will also pen the screenplay based on Green’s novel, guaranteeing familiarity with the source material.

John Green is quickly becoming Hollywood’s go-to guy for teen-centric tearjerkers. His novel “Paper Towns” is also being developed as a film by the team that produced “The Fault in Our Stars.” Young adult literature has been exploding onto the screen in recent years with popular film franchises like “Twilight,” “The Hunger Games” and “Divergent” all doing huge business at the box office. John Green’s stories provide a quieter, more character-driven counterpoint to the current glut of action-oriented blockbusters. His novels, which feature recurring themes of love, tragic loss and acceptance, have made him the Nicholas Sparks of the tween set.

No shooting dates have been set for the film, which is still in development, but “The Fault In Our Stars” continues to dominate movie theatres nationwide so expect more to come from John Green.

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