Punishing Parents For Giving Birth To Us: Top 5 Parental Pranks On YouTube

There’s something about watching parents go berserk that people seem to find really funny. Maybe it’s because it reminds us that our familial authority figures are just like us … or maybe it’s that it’s entertaining to watch someone who is supposed to be calm, mature, and collected freak out. Maybe we’re all just semi-terrible people who like to watch our moms and dads totally lose their shit. Whichever it is, there’s one thing that’s for sure: pranks on parents never get old.

Here are NMR’s TOP 5 PARENTAL PRANKS. If you want to earn some quick and easy brownie points with your mom and/or dad, have ‘em watch these with you. They won’t be able to help but love you more when they realize how lucky they are to have a son or daughter that doesn’t purposely cause them emotional distress for the sake of a funny viral video.


Turn on the subtitles for this one. Not because it’ll actually tell you what’s being said in the video, but because its misinterpretation of their thick Irish accents is just as funny as what they’re actually saying.


I mean… his name is Bratley, for goodness’ sakes. The word “brat” is literally in his name. He was basically born to prank.


Must be a coffee fan.


Kid comes dangerously close to getting a broomstick beat down.


Poor Vitaly’s mom.

And a bonus, just to even the playing field:


Poor Vitaly.

Share these videos to make your parents proud that you’re an underachiever.

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