Racist Lady Drops ‘N-Bombs’ In Dollar Store Parking Lot; Goes Hella Viral Doing It [VIDEO]

There is a very telling point in this viral video of a woman screaming racial epithets at a black guy outside a dollar store, when the cops are mentioned and the woman says into her phone: “Oh he knows the cops? How many cops have I stripped for?”

Ahh! We aren’t exactly talking about a “typical” member of society here — strippers tend not be thought of as “sensibility ambassadors” amongst our collective peoples. Of course she could be someone who strips the paint off police cars or a person who strips upholstery, but we aren’t going to give her the benefit of the doubt.

With almost 700,000 views though, it appears that this woman is more of a novelty than a functioning member of society. This video is popular because of it is clearly the exception rather than the rule. I’d say that aggressive racism clings only to the lowest common denominator of our society, but Donald Sterling f**ked that up.

Now the police are considering filing charges in the aftermath of this video — apparently she wasn’t a very good stripper.

Share this video because this woman might be you one day.

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