Rob Dyrdek Hacks Into Smosh!

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Rob Dyrdek. Smosh. Watch Dogs. Those are more than just carefully chosen keywords. NewMediaRockstars headed down to the Rob Dyrdek Fantasy Factory to get the lowdown on his new Smosh Vid, where he inherits all the hacking powers from the Watch Dogs game. Ever since Ubisoft launched the Watch Dogs Trailer at E3 2013, the game has been setting the YouTubes alight with parody videos and the best let’s plays. It’s no surprise that it eventually became a Smosh battle. NMR didn’t get to see Rob Dyrdek skate, but we did get to ask him some juicy questions about working with the Smosh babies and whether or not the Rob Dyrdek factory has been turned into some type of NSA surveillance program. We’d tell you the answers, but then we’d have to shoot you. It’s better if you just watch the video.

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