Snoop Teams up With Psy On Miserable ‘Hangover’ Music Video; Scores 11 Million Views [So Far]

I feel fairly confident in proclaiming that this is the last Psy song NMR will ever have to cover. Nothing against South Korea, but their colorful pop sensation is clearly a one hit wonder. Don’t try to make a case for “Gentleman” here — the song only charted because there was a bounce effect from “Gangnam Style” — expect “Hangover” to do worse than “Gentleman” by a lot and so forth.

Psy is a great video artist but his post (and pre) “Gangnam Style” music leaves a lot to be desired. Granted, he still makes electrifying and funny music videos, but you’re better off putting them on mute and listening to something else while you watch.

Still, 11 million views in 24 hours is better than most artists out there and that alone bears mentioning. And Snoop looks cool with his braids.

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