Stupid Motorcyclist Hassles News Team, Gets Motorcycle Impounded [VIDEO]

If NMR doesn’t have a “What a dickhead” file, we really need to develop one. And it should start with this motorcyclist who was a bit too nosey for his own good.

Had this guy simply gone on his way, he would have been an anonymous cyclist getting away with using an onramp as an off-ramp. Instead, incensed that a Bay Area news team filmed his traffic stop, he decided to confront them. This alerted the Highway Patrol who then watched the footage and cited the whiner for not having insurance and a bevy of other issues (including the wrong way exit). He ends up walking home as his bike is impounded. Say it with me, people, “What a dickhead.”

It’s refreshing to see that news reporters can record gaffes instead of just creating them.

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