‘The Fault in Our Stars’’ Author John Green Goes On the Hot Seat With Stephen Colbert [VIDEO]

John Green has been making the talk show rounds for a few months now to support “The Fault in Our Stars,” his blockbuster young adult novel that has spawned an unlikely blockbuster movie. We’ve gotten used to seeing the elder Vlog Brother on TV, often alongside stars like Shailene Woodley and Laura Dern. Still we couldn’t wait to see what Comedy Central’s resident faux-conservative clown had in store. Watch as Colbert hits John Green with the hard-hitting questions we’ve been waiting for. How did he first imagine “The Fault In Our Stars”? Did he just put all the sad things he could think of into “the worlds saddest hat?” And most importantly, is he a cult leader? Clearly, Colbert knows more about NerdFighters, the Vlog Brothers’ fanatical fandom, than we might expect.

Notice that John dodged that cult leader question. Maybe someone should look into that.

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