The Fine Brothers to Fund New Creators for Their YouTube Channel

It seems the Fine Brothers are leveling up all over the place. With a recently announced TV deal as well as a slot on the Emmy ballot for their popular “Kids React” series, Benny and Rafi Fine announced plans to start financing original programming from other creators on their YouTube channel.

The decision to share their channel with other creators is a natural one given that the Fine Bros themselves have always offered a variety of programming. In addition to “React” with its Kids, Teens, YouTubers, and Elders franchises, the Fine’s are also known for their interactive web series “MyMusic,” which has included guest stars like Grace Helbig and Joey Graceffa, Toby Turner, and Lia Marie Johnson.

As Benny and Rafi move into developing larger projects for television and the web, it makes sense to turn their massively popular channel into an incubator for new projects and talent. Some of the anticipated projects will be designed primarily for YouTube and the web while others will be created with a mind toward a potential crossover into mainstream television.

As of now, no specifics are available as to the amount of funding available or the number of projects likely to be launched. It is likely that funding deal favor creators, giving the Fine Bros’ somewhat rocky history in deal with networks. The brothers are veterans of multiple YouTube networks, having initially signed with Maker Studios only to jump ship to Discovery’s Revision3 before ultimately landing at their current home, Fullscreen. Given what certainly looks like an unsatisfactory experience with networks in the past, it’s likely that the Fine Bros’ development deals will be creator friendly.

As the world of mainstream entertainment starts to embrace and develop YouTube content creators, will we see those YouTubers start to expand their own brand and develop talent of their own?

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