This Unlucky Soccer Fan Picked a Fight With the Wrong Guy … His TV [VIDEO]

You always hurt the ones you love. Or so the saying goes. That was certainly the case for this Brazil fan who got, perhaps, a little over-excited seeing his team advance to the World Cup final 16. He could have just taken to Twitter like everyone else, but instead he decided that he needed to show his favorite team just how much he cared. He did that by pulling a full-on Scarlett O’Hara and trying to slap Chile’s Alexis Sanchez right in the face! There was just one small problem. Sanchez wasn’t actually present, and flat-screen TVs aren’t designed to handle that kind of aggression.

The good news is no soccer players were harmed in the making of this video. The bad news is this soccer fan had to find somewhere else to watch the rest of the game. I know the game is being broadcast in HD but does it really look that real?

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