Touching ‘Kenzie Dancing With Her Dad’ Video Reveals A Father’s Love For His Disabled Daughter

Being that this guy is from the South, I can’t tell if he is dressed up in his nicest outfit or not, but it’s clear that he loves his daughter — and that transcends everything else to win you over with this viral vid. Three million people so far have checked out this video of little McKenzie, a 12-year-old girl living with Mitochondrial disease — a condition that prevents her from walking, caring for herself or talking. Her mother wanted McKenzie to have a “normal” childhood, so she enters her in beauty pageants, which the little girl seems to love.

This isn’t the first time her father has danced with her either — there are seven videos online of this father/daughter combo and their dance routines. This one has been the most successful though, attracting enough sympathetic viewers to pay into McKenzie’s parents GoFundMe account to purchase a new wheelchair-accessible van.

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