Viral Video Gets Dollar Store Manager Fired For Swearing & ‘Macing’ Shoplifters

“Cringe” is a good way to describe how I feel about everything in this video. These people are all trashy to the max, and as someone who considers himself “pretty trashy,” that’s saying something. Or maybe it isn’t? Trashy opinions aren’t typically valid.

This viral YouTube video of a dollar store manager going bonkers on some shoplifters has had the twofold effect of 1. getting this manager fired 2. likely getting these women paid.

After the manager explodes on the women and threatens them with his “You don’t know how crazy I am” rant, he spritzes the bottle of Febreze these women attempted to shoplift in their general direction. Faster than you can say “out-of-court settlement,” these women are out of their car declaring that the woman nearest the spritzing is pregnant and has now been “maced.”

Sigh. Hopefully the aliens realize there are a lot of good people who would get blown up right along with the slime if they decide to nuke this planet.

Stay tuned to the end when the manager shouts “World Star Hip Hop” like a dickhead at the camera. Sigh.

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