NMR Goes Hunting for @HiddenCash In Los Angeles [VIDEO]

What’s better than cruising around the mean streets of L.A. listenin’ to tunes with your best buds? How ‘bout treasure hunting? (cha-ching cha-ching cha-ching). The @HiddenCash Twitter angel came to L.A. and so NMR decided to send a few of our YouTube compadres out with a camera and a quest for gold. It should have been easy because everyone thinks California’s streets are paved with the stuff — but alas, no treasure for this motley crew. Doesn’t mean we’re going to give up looking though — that money’s out there — and we’re going to find it (and spend it) in the wildest way possible.

But (sigh) for today, NMR stands for NoMoneyRockstars …

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