Where Will Some of Your Favorite YouTubers Be Hanging Out This Summer?

German Multi-Channel Network Studio71 is putting collaboration at the forefront with the launch of its newest initiation, The Mansion. Located in the trendy West Hollywood region of Los Angeles, the Mansion is both a production facility and a residence where some of the German MCN’s top talent will make their home and play host to American YouTube stars in effort to cross promote their content to international audiences.

In a press release Dr. Sebastian Weil, Studio71 managing director commented, “As American MCNs are planting their flags in Germany, where we are very strong, our plan is to be the first international MCN to target the American market with The Mansion. We are creating a truly global platform for American branded entertainment sponsors and leading web talent.”

Two of Studio71’s most popular stars, Gronkh and Sarazar, have already set up shop at the mansion and have been busy vlogging their adventures in L.A. on their own channels as well as on The Mansion’s dedicated YouTube channel (those not fluent in German may want to take advantage of YouTube’s subtitles feature). The pair will soon be joined by a handful of other popular German creators including fitness expert Karl Ess, comedian MissesVlog; and gamers David Hain and Fabian Siegismund.

American audiences can expect to see some familiar faces as well. Studio71 is hoping to spark organic collaboration between its stars and the high concentration of YouTube talent based in LA. Among the first will be Dane Boedigheimer, best known as the creator of “The Annoying Orange”, and Flula Borg, a German crossover whose American star is definitely on the rise in the wake of news that he’s been cast in the hotly anticipated sequel 2012’s Anna Kendrick vehicle “Pitch Perfect.”

The partnership with Boedigheimer suggests that Studio71 will be taking advantage if its connection with Collective Digital Studios, the American MCN to which he is signed. Studio71’s parent company ProSiebenSat.1 recently purchased a 20% stake in CDS through a subsidiary confirming the German media conglomerate’s massive interest in the U.S. digital entertainment market. Other CDS partners include popular YouTube creators Rhett and Link, Freddie Wong, and the team behind “Epic Meal Time.”

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A Berlin version of The Mansion is expected to launch this fall, but right now Studio71 is throwing all its energy behind its new American outpost. Collaboration has always been the key ingredient for innovation on YouTube but it remains to be seen whether The Mansion will spark the kind of creative explosion that the network is hoping for. Still, the digital entertainment field is getting more crowded by the day and it’s exciting to see an MCN enter the space with a bold new idea.

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