Which Twitter Record Was Shattered During a World Cup Game?

If you noticed your Twitter timeline blowing up with World Cup tweets over the weekend then you’re not alone. The Brazil/Chile game that took place Saturday in Rio was one of the most tweeted events of all time according to the micro-blogging platform.


Saturday’s game broke records with 388,985 tweets being sent every minute. The previous record was 381,605, set during last year’s Super Bowl. While the NFL final still holds the record for most tweets overall (24.9 million) but the rate of tweeting during this World Cup has been high, with the opening game

Brazil is one of Twitter’s largest markets, and the entirety of the world cup has been highly tweeted. The opening game, in which Brazil faced Croatia, generated 12.2 million tweets, while the Brazil/Chile game generated over 16.4 million. The tweeting spiked at pivotal moments, such as when Chile missed their final penalty shot, guaranteeing Brazil a spot in the final 16.

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