Young Band Tries — And Fails Hilariously — At Weezer’s ‘Undone — The Sweater Song’

Laugh at this and you’re assured a place in Hell. Fortunately I secured my ticket long ago and enjoyed this bummer of an equipment malfunction at a talent show tremendously.

There is something about kids failing that makes life so much sweeter. Maybe it’s because I hate kids, maybe its because young people haven’t learned how to cope with public shortcomings and so they just stand there confused? Whatever it is, it is the spice of life on YouTube. Hopefully Weezer embraces this clip and puts these kids in their next “internet sensations” video.

These kids from the Gross Pointe Music Academy don’t know it yet, but they have their whole lives to suck. They should embrace it early on while it seems like the exception rather than the rule.

Share this article because these poor SOBs probably put a lot of rehearsing in to arrive at this moment.

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