Your Subscriber Counts May Go Down: YouTube Set To Purge Suspended Accounts

Good news for YouTubers who like spam-free programming, bad news for those of you who like falsely-inflated subscriber counts: YouTube is ridding itself of suspended accounts.

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According to a post on the YouTube Creator blog, any account that is no longer valid or operational will be weeded out by an automated system from heretoforth, potentially allowing for a more accurate analytics experience.

From the post:

“On June 16, we’re going to remove suspended accounts from all channels’ subscriber counts. This means some of you will notice a minor drop in your subscribers. To be clear, these are not active viewers, so you shouldn’t see any impact on your views or watch time.”

They claim that though the system is automated, it is also reversible in the event that an active user is accidentally deleted by the robots. The robots will find a way to murder us all! Isaac Asimov was right, people!

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